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Data Backed Suggestions for 1,200 Currencies.

Our algorithm parses 26 metrics to the top 1,200 coins every five minutes and delivers to you a real-time buy or sell suggestions. Use these suggestions to help guide your trading decisions and become a more informed trader.

This proprietary algorithm parses 26 indicators to deliver a simple “buy” or “sell” suggestion across the top 1,200 altcoins in Coin Market Cap (by volume). Each indicator is a combination of data-driven metrics metrics which we crawl in real-time across the web.

The metrics cover the full spectrum of verifiable data which is designed to predict the success and failure of a token - ranging from developer commitment and progression to worldwide sentiment of a particular project.

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Leverage Trading

Engage in our community-driven leverage trading group. We don't just give calls, we help to explain the reasons behind the calls to help make you a more informed trader.

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Engage with other crypto professionals, and share insights, trading tips, and more! Our member-only chat is hosted in the No BS Crypto Discord server. Once you are a member, you can link your Discord account to be given access to our premium chat.


The premium community is free to share any other features and resources amongst each other.